Dennis’ homemade ice cream, Newfield, NY


Dennis’ new location at an old bed and breakfast just outside of Ithaca on Elmira road.

Just in time for summer!  A regular at the Ithaca farmers market, Dennis is a creative ice cream maker. At the new location outside of Ithaca,  you can try flavors such as mandarin chocolate,  kahlua and cream, banana bread,  or asiago, walnut and cranberry seven days a week.

This was our first visit, and we were both very impressed. As ice cream lovers, this location has everything we would look for: both soft serve and hard ice cream, and milkshakes.  Clarissa tried the asiago walnut cranberry, while Chris had the banana bread. Clarissa described her cone as creamy,  not overly sweet, and delicious (rivaling the Ithaca classic, Purity). The walnuts were fresh and the cranberries were flavorful – this is definitely a new favorite. Banana is one of Chris’s favorite favors, so banana bread was right up his alley.  The ice cream features good sized chunks of home made banana bread.  Chris pronounced it delicious, but would have liked a bit of a stronger banana flavor in the ice cream itself. Clarissa, who doesn’t like banana flavor, but frequently bakes banana bread, called it “the real thing”. Visit Dennis’ Facebook page here!